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Life opens new worlds

all are gifts

some are forged in fire

and others given with light

(Alison R)



A beautiful image rich publication which invites you to look at the everyday in a completely different way, examining texture, colour and form through abstract images.

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Songs of the Sky

This beautiful minimalist publication offers opportunities for inspiration and reflection or just a chance to consider the everyday from a more magical perspective.  

Alison's work "Spring" and "Leaving" are published in Issue 39 of the Blue Nib Literary Journal

Alison's work is published in Issue 8 (Awakening) and Issue 9 (Inspiration) of Poetry NI's Panning for Poems

Voice of the Soul

An evocative collection of poetry illuminated by specially selected fine art images. This offers an unusual opportunity to experience the wisdom of silence that whispers when we are away from the chaos of the modern world. 

Daydreamer Journal


Keeping a journal is a great way to capture thoughts, inspiration and creative ideas. 

This lovingly created journal offers inspirations on each spread as well as beautiful full plate images.


Ancient Earth

"Ancient Earth" is a unique combination of original work from two very special artists.

Colin Ross' powerful animal portraits are used to illuminate Ali Ross' evocative prose poetry and, together, capture the magic and mystery of Africa.

The 2016 Collection


This publication includes the entire "Reflections" collection as well as other previously unseen poetry.

If you would like your publication to include a dedication and to be signed by the author, please contact us to arrange this. 

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