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The first flock of wild geese

Part the autumn sky

And the earth is painted

In colours of a dying sun

Is this the beginning

Of "a now"

Or the ending

of "a then"

Or simply a moment

In the endless spiral of time


(Alison 2016)

Solo Exhibitions


North Down and Ards Heritage Centre

November 2015

Selected Group Exhibitions and Collaborations

The "Creative Peninsula"

Sponsored by Ards and North Down Borough Council

A celebration of art and craft throughout Ards and North Down

The "ForM Sculpture Exhibition"

Sponsored by Ards and North Down Borough Council

Sculpture inspired by the garden setting of Bangor Castle Walled Garden

The "Copeland Art Collective" 

Originally sponsored by the Copeland Bird Observatory & the Ards and North Down

Borough Council during June to August 2016

"Reborn" Collaboration 2018

Part of the Linen Bienniale Festival, a collaboration between Lucy Turner  and the Words for Castle Ward writers group

"Nature Through Art" 2016

Sponsored by WWT Castle Espie Wetland Centre

February 2016

The "Aspects Festival"

"Now and Then" - hosted by the Blackberry Path Art Studio in Grey's Hill, Bangor

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