Creative Coast 2019

I want to be still here

to pretend for a time that I need never leave

to watch the light shift and paint this place with magic

to follow the tides in their endless dance

and watch the wind as it gently crafts the sky

For is it really a lie?

My heart holds this place closer than any other

and while life has made me a visitor

a traveller who abides only for a time

there are other lives buried deep in time and memory

there must be for I know this place as home.

A collaboration with members of the Copeland Collective this exhibition, part of the Creative Peninsula 2019, was a response to special places chosen by the artists on the Ards Peninsula.

 I chose Green Island in Bar Hall Bay - near Ballyquintin point.


There is a deafening silence here, even though it is never still. The wind blows, the light is vivid on the waters and the sky is a living thing, with clouds spun on the far horizon, by the distant Mournes. The silence is woven round the racing tide, the mournful song of birds and seals and tinged with scent of an ebbing tide woven through with ozone and sunshine.


Here is where sea meets sky and land is almost a memory - a liminal zone where worlds meet and anything seems possible. Washed endlessly by time and tide, its restlessness somehow stills me. As a poet, I am drawn to this and other places like it. Their otherworldliness and timelessness give me space to be silent and to explore the landscape within, to explore impressions and experiences. The silence inspires, challenges and repairs. It feels like home.

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