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My Story...
Hi, I'm Alison Ross,
 and I am "Nomads and Driftwood". 

An African by birth I, like so many, have been blown by winds of change, and have spent most of my adult life a nomad, moving from country to country and from one continent to another before finding my heart’s home. This magical place is not defined by lines on a modern map, but can best be described using its ancient name, Dalriada. (The east and north coasts of Ireland and western highlands and islands of Scotland).

Throughout my journey I have been inspired by nature and the eclectic mix of cultures I have been fortunate enough to experience and be a part of. I love the bright colours of Africa, the simplicity and impact of African design but, equally, I am drawn to the intricacy and detail of the Celtic art I have come to know and love in both Ireland and Scotland.


" I wish for you...

The joy of adventure

as you explore the world around you

and the courage

to journey to the one within"

(Alison R)

My journeying has made me an observer. An observer of nature, of people and of things in the world around us.  

It has also led me to see beyond what is seen on the surface and to notice details, small things, so often overlooked. In these worlds within worlds I see so much that is beautiful - intricate patterns, beautiful textures, designs and vibrant colours.


The images I take of these things I call my driftwood. They are talismans that I have kept to kindle the fires of memory.

This driftwood has also become the inspiration for my designs and writing - small parts of bigger pictures - the inside of a seashell, the texture of burnt wood, stone, frosted flowers, weathered walls, thunderclouds or sunsets. So many exquisite details of colour, shape and form. Look closely, see deeply and dare to explore.


Welcome to my stories. I write them not only in the words of my poetry, but also in my images, ceramics and textiles. Reminders of how beautiful the world can be and how many things can connect us all.

Alison settled permanently on the Island of Ireland in 2001. A zoologist and HR specialist by qualification

she has a great empathy for nature, with all it’s intricacy and beauty. She gains inspiration from the human journey and from nature, particularly it’s wild, remote places.


Alison has only recently re-discovered her love of poetry and writes in her spare time. Published in “Poetry in Motion Anthology 2017/18’” and Poetry NI’s “Panning for Poems”, her first solo exhibition was held in 2015. Entitled “Reflections”, this featured a selection of her poetry and digital images. (Alison holds licentiate distinctions in  both the Irish Photographic Federation and Royal Photographic Society).


Alison’s love of ceramics began in 2015. Self taught, she specialises in hand built, kiln fired pieces that reflect her fascination with the natural world. Her work was first shown in the ForM Sculpture Exhibition in Bangor in 2018.

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