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Hi I'm Ali Ross - the face behind Nomads and Driftwood

An African by birth I, like so many, have been blown by winds of change and spent most of my adult life a nomad. Moving from country to country and across continents I eventually found my hearts home in "Dalriada", a magical place not defined by lines on modern maps, but an ancient place that once included the east and north coasts of Ireland and the western highlands and islands of Scotland.

Throughout my journey I have been inspired by nature and the eclectic mix of cultures of which I have been a part. I have begun to see beyond the obvious, delighting in small, often overlooked, things - intricate pattens, textures, designs and colours. The images I capture of these I call my "driftwood", talismans that kindle the fire of memory and inspire many of my designs.

Welcome to my stories! I write them in many forms, poetry, textiles  and ceramic, but all are reminders of how beautiful the world can be and how many things connect us all.

             Alison R 

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