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Summer and special places...

Any one who knows me knows how much I love Harris and especially the great, beautiful beaches around Losgaintir or Luskentyre. I have recently been looking at posts on Facebook showing so many beautiful pictures of this magical place - fellow travellers sharing their special moments. Me, well I paint my pictures in words (as well as other media), so in celebration of the start of brighter days and this place I decided it was only right to share one of my word pictures too! Its not a new one but one of my favourites:

I want to be still here

To pretend

For a time

I need never leave

To watch the light shift

Painting magic inside and out

To follow the tides

In an endless dance with the sand

And watch the wind

As it gently crafts the sky

For is it really a lie?

My heart knows this place

More intimately than any other

And while this life has made me visitor

A world weary traveller

Abiding only for a time

There are other lives

Buried deep in time and memory

There must be

For I know this place

As home

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