Nature Through Art 2016

Trust your own darkness

to reveal your truth.

Sink into it,

this place where time stops

and the gift of awareness dwells.

Use it wisely,

for it holds the key

to your redemption.

(Alison 2015)

Although I have exhibited at the WWT Castle Espie Wetland Centre's "Nature Through Art" exhibition before, this was the first year I managed to convince another member of our art collective, Janine Trethowan, to join me. Much more fun to share experiences with special people!!


I love this exhibition - each year there are wonderful pieces and it fascinates me to see just how differently each artist interprets the same theme. This could be seen even between myself and Janine.


I focussed on the magical balance light and dark, gentleness and wildness, and all the elements that make up the natural world in which we live. These elements and extremes exist within us all and yet we are so often unaware and balance them far less gracefully than nature herself.

Janine's focus was on the abundance of nature, particularly in spring with all its glorious colour and profusion. 

We are advised that there will be a different theme in 2017 and I can't wait to see what it is - more special moments to enjoy ...

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